Condo Housekeeping Hacks for Busy People

Posted April 1, 2022

Cleaning a little bit of your home every dayCleaning a little bit of your home every day makes housekeeping more manageable. Image from Freepik.

Balancing heavy workload, your personal life, and household can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re living independently, cleaning usually takes a backseat because people simply don’t have enough time. However, the atmosphere of your condo greatly affects your mood, your health, and overall well-being. A clean home also helps keep viruses and bacteria at bay. To maintain a positive vibe, you must keep your home tidy and organized. 

Here are some easy housekeeping hacks to help you navigate and manage your home routine.

1. Clean everyday

Cleaning seems time consuming and tedious because people tend to do general cleaning at a given time. Instead, try to clean a little bit of your home each day to keep it organized. It can be as easy as making your bed upon waking up, washing the dishes right after use, wiping kitchen counters after cooking, or throwing the trash out at the end of each day. This way, these minimal tasks don’t accumulate into one big clutter that needs to be cleaned for a long period of time.

2. Keep a whiteboard in your kitchen

One of the ways to make sure everything in your household is managed is to keep a kitchen bulletin board where you can jot down things that need to be done and stocked. This saves you time from thinking which items are running out the next time you head to the grocery. 

3. Store cleaning supplies where you can easily reach them

HousekeepingImage from Freepik.

A good practice is to put all your cleaning supplies in one basket that you can carry around. This saves you time and ensures that all the things you need are in one place. Whether you’re cleaning the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, having your supplies within easy reach makes housekeeping easier.

4. Get rid of stuff you don’t use

Even if you think that these things might have some use in the future, or you’re holding on to these because of sentimental reasons, keeping stuff you no longer use is distracting and can use up precious space in your condo. Be inspired by Marie Kondo and dedicate a decluttering day when you toss out stuff that no longer sparks joy. You’ll be surprised at how much space will free up and how much positive energy you’ll be inviting in your home. Less stuff also means there’s less to clean.

5. Put on music

If you want to be more inspired and motivated during daily clean-up, play some music. When you’re pumped up, you’ll finish your tasks faster. There are lots of playlists on Spotify for playing when doing household chores. 

6. Outsource some tasks

Outsource some tasksImage from Freepik.

It’s important to recognize that you can’t do everything at all times, and that a little help is good. Technology can help you automate some tasks like using a robot vacuum for cleaning the floor while you do other things.

But outsourcing some of your major housekeeping tasks means you can have more time for yourself too. Piling laundry? Drop them off to the nearest laundromat. No more time to do the grocery? Order online.

It’s a huge advantage if your condo is centrally located because this means that you don’t have to go far for essentials. It will be easier and faster to drop off the laundry, stock on supplies, or grab a quick dinner, and still have more time to do other things. This is why Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation made sure that its projects are all in prime locations in anticipation of the changing needs of its clients and the potential growth in investment value.

The key to efficiently managing a household is having a routine. It can get overwhelming and challenging to develop a proper mindset and organization skills but once you get the hang of it, cleaning and caring for your home wouldn’t seem like a chore. After all, keeping your home clean and organized helps you focus, be more productive and motivated, and creates an overall positive mood.

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