TLDC delivers future-ready homes

Posted April 21, 2022

By: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Torre Lorenzo Loyola - Artist's Perspective of Skydeck Study Lounge

There are things that we discovered while in lockdown.

Health is the most important thing to have; quality time with family is irreplaceable; and our home is more flexible than we thought. We value having our homes near our offices, schools, malls, establishments and other institutions that are essential to us. As the economy and workplaces start to reopen at 100 percent capacity, we now bring these lessons with us as we once again choose our second homes in the city, or find that sound property investment that can pay off in the long run.

Besides the strategic location and proximity to essential establishments, we know by now that an ideal home or community postpandemic is one that can also make us feel safe with its stringent adherence to safety protocols; one that can offer opportunities for a holistic, well-balanced lifestyle through its smart features and curated amenities; and one that can offer the needs that have emerged during the pandemic, such as open spaces, study or work lounges, and pocket gardens. Such residences are sure to see its values or prices appreciate in the long run.

This is what makes the properties built by Torre Lorenzo Development Corp. (TLDC) a worthy investment. It has long addressed the needs of the residents and its investors with its mindful designs and innovative inclusions and amenities. While these features already meet the requirements in the new normal, TLDC continues to raise the bar anew to make its developments truly future-proof.

“Our mindset has always been to be innovative. We always think about what our residents will need and want five to 10 years from now,” said Tomas Lorenzo, CEO of TLDC.

“During the pandemic, we have developed and transformed our developments to address the changing lifestyle and preferences of our residents in the new normal. We have looked at spaces that cater to deliveries, address social distancing concerns and safety protocols,” Lorenzo added.

TLDC’s new properties have amenities that address the needs of those who need breathing spaces outside the four corners of their home. The 3Torre Lorenzo has a Sky Deck that allows its residents to lounge safely at a distance from everybody else. Torre Lorenzo Malate’s Sky Lounge promises scenic views of the sunset from its lounge, which also offers panoramic view of Manila Bay. You pay a premium for hotels that offer views like that.

Pet owners will enjoy the park available for the furbabies at Torre Lorenzo Loyola. If the need for a different environment for work and study strikes, TLDC developments provide such spaces for their residents.

Think about the money you’ll save from going to coffee shops if you have common areas conducive for study and work. Such areas come with hospital-grade air purifiers to ensure improved air circulation. Natural ventilation is also maximized through windows and doors.

“A safe living experience in the new normal is one where security, comfort and convenience are balanced with passion, productivity and creativity. It’s the design changes in anticipation of new behaviors and mindset in the new normal that make TLDC developments safe and future-ready,” Lorenzo explained.

The company’s developments come ready with provision for cable and fiber internet—a necessity to stay connected at home. TLDC also promises peace of mind for its residents with its top-notch security that features RFID systems. Electronic access ensures that it monitors the entry and exit of people in the building.

Even while the COVID-19 situation is already improving, temperature checks and sanitation stations are still available upon entry to buildings. TLDC provides contactless transactions for payments and fees as part of safety protocols.

The delivery riders that we can’t live without for the past two years have their designated area to drop off packages. In Torre Lorenzo Malate, one can find a Discussion Room in the lobby to entertain guests without needing to bring them to your unit.

“We took into account the need for safe and secure residences that people will want to come home to. Whether you’re resuming in-person reporting or working from home, TLDC is ready to welcome its residents,” Lorenzo said.

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