How Technology Benefits Condo Living

Posted November 23, 2023

Modern technology has developed over time for all aspects of life, including real estate. It has been improving many aspects of the field, such as technological advancements for faster construction and development making the costs more efficient and sustainable. 

Furthermore, it is a major real estate market innovation designed in today’s modern world. Forward-thinking real estate developers utilize modern technology not only to improve residents’ lifestyles but also to implement effective service and management. From online portals to sustainable efforts, here are the many ways technology has improved condo living!

Enhancing security with RFID

a young female standing next to a glass door

One of the innovative ways technology has improved modern safety and security is the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), commonly found in residences and hotel rooms through the use of keycards when entering units. Nowadays, RFID has evolved to assure residents of their security through using RFID cards for elevator access so only residents can go to residential floors ensuring privacy. 

Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC) has also leveraged RFID technology in such a way that whenever student-residents enter and leave the building, a text message will be sent to their parents informing them of the arrival and departure of their children.

Energy efficiency in occupancy sensing 

Nowadays, units in both residential and hospitality developments can automatically turn off lights when a resident is not present, or when a keycard is not inserted inside a sensor. Instead of wasting energy and electricity which accumulates unnecessary costs, this kind of IoT technology is efficient in conserving energy and reducing building costs in real-time, all year round. 

All of Torre Lorenzo’s hospitality developments - The Suites at TLM, lyf Malate Manila, Dusit Thani Residence Davao, dusit D2 Hotel, and Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation - all use occupancy sensing technology for energy conservation.

Work on the fly with high-speed WiFi

a group of young people sitting around a table with their gadgets

What is the first thing everyone asks for when they inquire about a new property? They will ask first if the wireless internet is fast. Everybody needs the internet for daily life, from students combing the internet for research and talking with fellow thesis mates to young professionals working from home, completing their tasks, and video-calling with their fellow employees. 

What’s that? It’s an easy chat

Need to ask something about a property or a unit? Why wait for in-person meetups when it’s just one message away? Whether it’s through social media pages or apps, such as TLDC’s website chatbox, inquiries have never been easier. 

Online messaging has made it much easier to connect with inquiring customers, whether it would be conversing with a property consultant or an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that could quickly make a booking for you.

The portal to property management

torre lorenzo development corporation residents' portal

Real estate developers have begun making their own official mobile applications for residents to use in various ways, such as learning updates on properties to accessing required forms to paying bills remotely. This is not only convenient for residents but also eco-friendly in comparison to having to file paperwork and print physically.

TLDC’s property management team rolled out a resident’s portal that allows residents to make service requests and book function rooms and common areas virtually without having to go to the property management office and write on forms.

Smart home for a new start

digital tablet screen with smart home controller wooden table

Nowadays, modern technology does wonders at home with smart home devices, making condo living more convenient than ever. Aside from the aforementioned smart energy management, several smart devices such as keycards, automatic lights, CCTV cameras, and thermostats are readily available in TLDC properties.

Sustainability for the community

a row of houses with a lawn and trees at dusit thani lubi plantation resort

The best kind of development progress goes hand in hand with improving how to take care of the environment and the surrounding communities. Thankfully, many advancements in technology have been developed to conserve and help nature. Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort, for example, uses clean and renewable solar energy to power the whole resort. A heat recovery system is also in place turning the heat generated from air-con usage into hot water for guests’ use.

As people enter new phases in their lives, real estate continues to evolve as technology becomes more developed over time. While others see it as a challenge, developers like Torre Lorenzo see this as an opportunity to reduce costs, encourage sustainable development, and improve the residence experience.