Kitchen Design Ideas For The First-Time Condo User

Posted December 21, 2023

With a new year coming, new beginnings are bound to happen. For a lot of people, it’s going to be their first time to try new things, such as living by yourself.

For those flying solo for the first time, designing your condo might be intimidating, especially in your trusty kitchen where you’ll try your hand at cooking and preparing your daily meals.

Use this opportunity to let your creativity flourish - here are some ideas when designing your condo kitchen for the first time.

The simple kitchen for minimalists

Simplistic, minimalistic kitchen from 1 bedroom of Tierra Lorenzo Lipa

Simplistic, minimalistic kitchen from 1 bedroom of Tierra Lorenzo Lipa

As some say, simple is best. Minimalist condo design is the easiest to do, and the most refreshing to look at. Stick with simple colors - white or light singular colors like light brown could do the trick!

Sometimes the simpler the kitchen look, the more inviting and warm you’ll feel once you get back home from a long day at work or school.

Keeping your kitchen layout minimal is also key: remove as much clutter as possible and organize your appliances and cutlery to keep things easy to find.

Limit what you buy, and don’t purchase the things you don’t plan on using frequently. This is the best way to achieve a minimalist kitchen design.

The smart kitchen for modernists

Close up device with kitchen control
(Source: Freepik)

Applications are to remotely control smart devices and appliances

Smart appliances are the future of kitchens and cooking, making it easier for both professionals and those cooking for the first time. 

With a push of a button or a timed process, cooking and preparing food has never been easier! Although it is quite expensive for a first-time kitchen user, it makes convenience all the more accessible.

Adding personal settings and timed processes can help prepare food much more precisely. With new technologies in kitchen appliances, smart kitchens are now a lot more efficient in conserving energy.

Since these appliances are multi-purpose, they also help you reduce any unnecessary clutter that could fill up space. Finally, it is visually pleasing to the eye, making it possess an attractive and luxurious vibe for any lifestyle. Feel free to add more smart devices to your unit’s kitchen for maximum convenience!

The vibrant kitchen for creatives

Vibrant, colorful kitchen and dining room at lyf Malate Manila at Torre Lorenzo Malate

Vibrant, colorful kitchen and dining room at lyf Malate Manila at Torre Lorenzo Malate

Creative minds would want their kitchen to mirror their inner colorful styles! Adapt your kitchen design to your style and organize your appliances and tools to fit your preferred way.

This is the best and easiest way to add a local flair to the modern Filipino kitchen, utilizing color palettes and creative ideas that cannot be seen in other places of the world.

The Bond social kitchen found in lyf Malate Manila, for example, has a mix of red and green to fit the property’s colors, while the four-of-a-kind kitchen features a yellow hue with black stripes. 

Having a kitchen that looks purely you is not only healthy and calming for the mind, but can set the vibrant mood for you and your guests!

The timeless kitchen for the elegant

The elegant kitchen of Dusit Thani Residence Davao

The elegant kitchen of Dusit Thani Residence Davao

Want a kitchen that honors elegance instead? Decorate and design your cooking and dining space with all the classic kitchen styles. 

Bring in the tiled walls, the stainless steel sink and refrigerator, and the marble tabletops. You can even go full traditional Filipino kitchen with locally-made furniture and appliances, evoking nostalgia with one glance.

A good example is the kitchen found in TLDC’s serviced residences The Suites at Torre Lorenzo Malate and Dusit Thani Residence Davao. This classic, elegant design goes beyond trends and fads to make your personal space stand the test of time.

For first-time condo unit owners, there are tons of locally inspired creative ways to decorate your kitchen. Choose a style that best suits your personality and taste. Take a first step into personal interior design as you embark on your road to independence.