Tierra Lorenzo Lipa launches second residential tower

Posted October 19, 2021

Torre Lorenzo - Tierra Lorenzo Lipa Second Residential Tower

Tierra Lorenzo Lipa pursues its vision to bring upgraded urban living in the busting city of Lipa with its second residential tower in the area.

Set to be completed in 2025, the second tower will have more units to cater to the rising residential demand in the city as well as the province of Batangas as a whole. 

Tierra Lorenzo Lipa Tower 2 will also feature studio units for young investors as well as out-of-towners who would like to build a home base in the city, reflecting the dynamic changes in the local residential market.

Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC) Chief Operating Officer Cathy C. Ko led the virtual conference, one in a series of remote and in-person events supporting the launch of the Lipa development’s second tower. Prior to the September 25 launch, TLDC held exclusive previews to brokers as well as the media to highlight the project’s features. 

At the center of everyday essentials

“We don’t like to be in areas that are already crowded with other developers,” Ko said during the launch, highlighting why TLDC chose to invest in Lipa among the country’s many emerging growth hubs. “We thought it made good sense to invest here because it’s thriving – it has a large population and we see a lot of industries located here,” she added. 

Ko said that Lipa’s second residential tower will feature the same thoughtfully-designed units and amenities that have become the hallmark of TLDC properties. “As with all our projects, Tierra Lorenzo Lipa sits at the center of everyday essentials, ensuring that you are never too far away from what you need.”

Personalizing your space

The virtual event also featured a free and informative learning session led by TLDC Technical Planning Head Tricia Orbeta, who shared tips for design and home improvement. 

“The most important thing before redesigning your space is to inspect it after turnover,” notes Orbeta, adding that inspecting the bare unit will show homeowners the space they are going to work on, and they will be able to envision their interior design choices in the future. 

Orbeta touched on five popular design themes – contemporary, minimalist, coastal, industrial, and luxurious – providing color and texture palettes for each as well as basic tips on how to achieve their respective aesthetic. 

Perhaps the best tip that new homeowners can take away, according to Orbeta, is to always downsize their furniture. “Using compact furniture will automatically maximize your space,” she notes. She highlighted as an example that sofas and chairs should be squarish and have low backs in order to fit well into smaller spaces. She further suggested to use furniture with built-in storage.

Making a quick appearance as part of the audience, TLDC Chief Executive Officer Tomas Lorenzo also greeted everyone and shared his thoughts on the session. “It’s important to think about your budget before you start buying furniture – at the end of the day, you don’t have to furnish your unit right away, what’s more important is that you’re able to sleep comfortably at night,” he added. 

The virtual launch and the free virtual interior design learning session can be viewed at TLDC’s Facebook and Youtube pages.